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our Story

At our core, is our conservation ethos. Okavango Gin was founded out of a love and passion for the pristine wilderness of the Okavango Delta, Botswana, by a handful of like-minded naturalists, safari guides, botany enthusiasts and hospitality experts. Having spent our lives living amongst her flora and fauna, we have often pondered how others can be similarly inspired by nature. An inspiration which is a key ingredient for the continued protection of the world’s natural places. 


Then it dawned on us, to achieve this we needed to create a brand that incorporates elements of a true wilderness, elements which have a unique and endearing story, through which we can communicate the wonders of nature. Let’s connect people with nature. Water, Lilies, Mophane Trees, Baboons, Termite Mounds, the rest is history......


From this love and passion, and these elements, we created Okavango Gin.


A gin born out of a love for the wilderness, our distillery is situated in an area true to its ethos, wild and free. Overlooking a seasonal floodplain of the Okavango Delta, and hidden under an Ebony Tree Forest, our wholly off-grid distillery is immersed within this very special ecosystem that inspired our brand. The decision to base our distillery out here, near the rural village of Tsutsubega, was not one driven by economics nor return on investment. The decision was born out of the desire to create genuine employment opportunities where they don’t currently exist; and as a commitment to generate industry in a conscious, responsible, and sustainable manner that treads lightly on our Earth and our Ecosystem. Employment opportunities which will empower the community to become less reliant on subsistence lifestyles which inevitably result in conflict with nature. When you are not fighting nature, it is easier to be inspired by it. In making this important decision we also hope to inspire others to base their investment decisions on factors that go beyond economic and monetary gain. This is a mindset necessary for a more sustainable world. 

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